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A Stellar Career Year in 2024

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Looking to have an outstanding career year in 2024?

(Start by answering this one question I swear by)

How will you operate differently in 2024?

Why it works -

1. Forces us to introspect and retrospect

2. Brings intentionality towards maximizing impact

3. Focuses on what we can change (input) vs. just on what to achieve (goals)

As you do so, some things to watch out for -

1. Suspend judgement - avoid labeling things you have done as good or bad. Either way you are here now and can only change what's ahead.

2. Nothing is sacred - question everything and be willing to change it. This especially holds true for things that have helped get you here (and may not get you there)/

3. Be balanced in your approach - what worked in '23 but also what didn't and the learnings. We tend to emphasize the latter and forget about the former.

4. Use priorities for '24 as an input in this process - your answer will then act as tailwind to deliver on these.

5. Consider feedback you received from managers, mentors and/or peers on growth areas and opportunities.

6. Don't just add things, but also think of things to stop or delegate. Otherwise, you will end up with too much on your plate.

7. For managers - encourage your team members to go through the exercise. You could dedicate time as part of kicking off the year for this.

8. For managers of managers - think about how you are enabling your leaders to step up further and grow in '24. Ask yourself what can you further delegate to enable this?

What's your top tip for having a stellar career year?