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7 Proven Ways to Start Leading Today (that don't require a title) - in collaboration with Dora Vanourek:

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Leadership is Earned, not Given.

1/ Take Initiative

↳Understand the organization's strategy. ↳Volunteer for opportunities and/or challenges. ↳Address small but impactful issues within the team.

2/ Create Value

↳Share useful resources or knowledge. ↳Consistently deliver high-quality work. ↳Identify and address opportunities or risks.

3/ Build Relationships

↳Schedule regular check-ins. ↳Show genuine interest in colleagues’ lives and goals. ↳Intentionally expand your network beyond your scope.

4/ Champion Inclusivity

↳Advocate for diverse perspectives. ↳Support diversity and inclusion initiatives. ↳Celebrate cultural events and differences.

5/ Empower Others

↳Provide constructive feedback. ↳Mentor or coach team members. ↳Celebrate others' successes.

6/ Lead by Example

↳Demonstrate integrity and accountability. ↳Maintain a positive attitude, especially in tough times. ↳Take responsibility for mistakes and learn from them.

7/ Embrace Change

↳Stay adaptable and open to new ideas. ↳Encourage viewing change as an opportunity. ↳Actively seek feedback to grow.

PS: Leadership starts with genuine and deep care for others and their success.