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Mentorship Myths vs Reality

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7 mentorship myths:

1) My mentor has to be within my function and/or organization
2) A mentorship relationship is a one-way street
3) My mentor has to be more senior than me
4) I have to stick with my mentor forever
5) My mentor should solve my problems
6) I can only have one mentor
7) I don't need a mentor

The reality is:

1) Mentors from outside your function or organization can provide fresh, unbiased advice.
2) Mentorship is a reciprocal relationship, with both parties learning and growing from the experience.
3) Mentors don't always have to be more senior; peers or those with less experience can offer valuable insights too.
4) Mentorship relationships can evolve over time, and it's normal to seek new mentors as your needs change.
5) Mentors guide and provide insight; they're not there to solve your problems for you.
6) It's beneficial to have multiple mentors who offer diverse perspectives and expertise.
7) Everyone can benefit from mentorship as it facilitates continuous learning and growth.